Invisalign in West Covina for a Beautiful Smile

Patients looking for Invisalign in West Covina and the San Gabriel Valley area can look to A-Z Dental Care for outstanding care and a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Where traditional braces made of metal brackets and wires were once the gold standard for orthodontics, these bulky and restrictive devices are slowly being phased out in favor of more modern solutions. Invisalign takes a mold of your teeth and then uses a series of clear aligners to eliminate misalignment over nine to 18 months on average.

The impression phase is completely painless and takes only a few moments. Once that is complete, an aligner is created to be worn by the patient for the next several weeks. Most patients that use Invisalign aligners report little to no discomfort. After a set period, a new aligner will replace the previous, repeating until your teeth are fully aligned.

Unlike traditional braces though, aligners can be removed before eating, drinking, or cleaning. This reduces the chances of having food or other contaminants getting stuck in hard-to-reach spots. Moreover, patients can clean their aligners with ease and if need be, remove them before important conversations like a job interview.

Invisalign aligners are also superior to metal braces in that they are quite hard to notice without intentionally looking for them. Adult patients that want to correct their teeth without the potentially embarrassing appearance of metal braces will find that Invisalign aligners offer an unmatched degree of subtlety.

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