An implant based denture is an increasingly popular option to replace teeth that have been lost due to oral health issues or trauma. Unlike dentures that rely on the surrounding hard and soft tissue in a patient’s mouth for stability, implant-based dentures are secured via four or more dental implants—similar to what is used for single tooth replacements in implants with crowns. Thus, this type of denture is significantly more stable and consistently spreads both general pressure and the force of the impact more evenly while chewing. This can reduce soreness after chewing. Studies indicate notably better outcomes when compared to other types of dentures.

For patients seeking full teeth replacements, A-Z Dental Care is here to help. Dr. Salek has been practicing dentistry for nearly 25 years and he knows how to provide the highest level of care and to help his patients make the right choices in terms of both their health and quality of life.

Why Dentures are Necessary

Some patients assume that once their real teeth are gone their only option is to get ill-fitting dentures that only restore partial functionality; this, fortunately, is not true. Implant-based dentures function almost identically to a patient’s original teeth, if not a little bit better in some cases. Many believe they are easier to clean for example – though, like natural teeth, they must be cleaned daily.

Implant-based dentures can allow a patient to avoid the dangers that come with missing teeth. There are obvious social issues that can impact self-esteem, especially if the missing teeth are easily seen. Healthy teeth are also important for obtaining proper nutrition – but the problems don’t end there. The most common short term health consequence of missing teeth includes a heightened risk of infection due to open wounds and empty pockets where bacteria can grow. Over longer periods of time, however, the risk for infection still lingers—and sometimes worsens. Additionally, gaps of missing teeth can lead to shrinking in the bone tissue as there are no teeth to stimulate production. If left unchecked, this can actually lead to the patient’s jaw shrinking, along with other potential malformations. Dentures also replace the natural chewing sensation in the mouth, minimizing or negating any potential shrinking.

Replacing lost teeth is one of the most important favors we can do for ourselves, and implant-based dentures are the logical choice for a great many people.

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