TMJ Disorders

TMJ, or Temporomandibular Joint, is responsible, for jaw movement and mouth opening, and closing. Without this joint, talking, eating food, laughing, yawning, and else is not possible.

TMJ like other joints, can have pain, and movement limitation, which can cause normal mouth functions problem. TMD, or Temporomandibulr Disorders, is a general term for all of this related problems, which can have for TMJ, such as clicking, popping, pain and discomfort with function, jaw locking, and mouth opening limitation.

As in many cases no surgical or invasive procedures, can help this group of patients, in A-Z Dental Care, Dr. Salek can take care of these kind of problems. He finished a two-year program in USC, for treating people, who have TMD.

A-Z Dental Care is equipped with high-tech C-T Scan machine which can take very accurate images of TMJs, for the best diagnosis.

In A-Z Dental Care, all procedures for TMD are affordable, with minimum pain and consequence. If you have any problem with your TMJ, which mentioned before, just call A-Z Dental Care on (626) 966-8408, and set an appointment.