Dental Management for Medically Compromised Patients

With increasing the life expectancy and improvement in medical and dental care, the number of people who are medically compromised, and need dental service, is escalating, day by day. These group of patients need special care. Meanwhile, most of dental offices are not interested to accept patients whom need more than routine and beyond straightforward procedures.

In A-Z Dental Care, patient with medically compromised, such as heart diseases, diabetes, blood coagulation problems, history of stock, and etc, are welcomed. Dr. Salek is enough confident to accept these patients whom are truly in need of appropriate dental care.

First of all, Dr. Salek has been for a long time in this profession, and it has made him highly expert. Secondly, treating patients in the USC Special Patient Center in , provided him valuable knowledge to help his patients, whom have medically compromise situations. Dr. Salek is also a team player, and knows how precious is consulting with his colleagues in medical fields specially when it comes to mutual patients. Other than these factors, A-Z Dental Care has been properly equipped for taking care of patients, which need specifically care.

Therefore,  if you are a patient, which has been in different offices, and has not been accepted, because of advanced diabetes, very high blood pressure, taking blood thinner, pregnancy, or other risky medical circumstances, just call A-Z Dental Care, on 626-966-8408, and set an appointment. We promise to admit you and to be in your service by honor.