Filling & Cleaning West Covina

People need to see their dentist, at least every six months. Prevention is always the best solution in health care. With a periodic exam, patients can get lots of benefits, and block serious risks for their oral cavities, and whole bodies. Oral cavity is one of the body gates. All cities should be protected on their gates against the enemies. A-Z Dental Care has an automated follow up systems, for calling the patients, and sending them a reminder for their periodic exam due.

In periodic exam, Dr. Salek can help your body, and fight against your body enemies. It means that finding the simple decays, treat them, and clean the teeth for the prevention of periodontal diseases. Other than that, finding advanced decays, and planning for treatment in next appointments. A-Z Dental Care front desk, for setting appointment in your most convenient time.

Why should we be careful for superficial decay?

Treating initial decays, has less risk, more secure outcome, good prognosis, less pain or sensitivity after treatment, and low cost. In A-Z Dental care, prevention of getting advanced the simple decays, is a serious commitment.

Why in office teeth cleaning, is important?

People need to brush, and floss adequately, for prevention of plaque, tartar, and calculus, build up. Meanwhile, for some reasons, teeth should be cleaned by dentist, or hygienist, in office, professionally. First of all, always there is a risk of getting hard of plaques, and at this situation, people cannot clean them by themselves. Therefore they need to have professionally cleaning. Second of all, sometimes, people don’t have access to a part of their teeth, and cannot clean those teeth. Third of all, sub gingiva, or underneath gum, plaque, or calculus built up, cannot be cleaned by brushing. These kinds of tartar are very dangerous for supporting tissues, which can be ended up, to teeth mobility.

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Planning for a Healthy Teeth

Reasons why DENTAL FILLING AND CLEANING is essential:

  • Prevent Cavities:
    Getting your teeth cleaned regularly helps deal with plaque, that whitish acidic film that accumulates on your teeth and eats away at the enamel to cause cavities.
  • Retain Your Teeth:
    Getting your teeth cleaned also stops Periodontic disease which is also caused by plaque. When plaque continues to grow unchecked on your teeth, it can do more than cause cavities. It can damage the jaw bone supporting teeth and cause them to fall out. If you don’t want to lose your teeth you should consult a WEST COVINA DENTISTRY practitioner to get your teeth cleaned and cavities filled.

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