Implant based crowns & bridges are intended to restore tooth function in patients who have one or more missing or extensively damaged teeth. Dental implants are screw-like devices that are directly installed on a patient’s jaw which have numerous advantages over other types of teeth replacement, especially in terms of bone loss. Depending on the nature of the replacement, patients will either receive a dental crown installed in place of a single missing tooth or a bridge in the event that several teeth are missing. Patients looking for dental implants in West Covina can look to A-Z Dental Care for expert dental care.

Dental Implant Crown

It is important to note that there is a distinct difference between a regular crown and an implant-based crown. Normal dental crowns are used to salvage and protect a viable tooth from damage. This might mean that the pulp of a tooth, which is most susceptible to infection, is not exposed and therefore only needs reinforcement. An implant-based crown, however, completely replaces a missing tooth or tooth in need of extraction. Otherwise, the crown portions of both types are largely the same. At A-Z Dental Care, we offer several types of materials to be used in dental crowns depending on circumstance and patient preference.

The implant process generally requires between one and three initial visits, the first being an initial consultation and or preparation for the implant. For some patients, reinforcing the underlying bone structure may be necessary to support the implant. Once the site has been prepared, an implant is installed in the jaw bone and a temporary crown is then installed. After the area is allowed to heal for a predetermined time, a permanent crown is installed. Follow up appointments are likely to be necessary to ensure proper placement.

Implant Based Dental Bridge

Implant-based dental bridges are similar in function to their crown peers with the exception that they are intended to replace multiple teeth. Because more work is required for dental bridges, the recovery process is usually longer than that for a single implant. However, much of the process is similar to that of an implant-based crown.

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