A night guard protects your teeth from clenching and grinding motions, a condition known as bruxism, while you are asleep. When left untreated night-time tooth grinding is known to cause soreness in the jaw and teeth with the prospect of damage to the enamel of the tooth over the long term. At A-Z Dental Care, our widely respected dentist, Dr. Mirhamid Salek, has been in oral medicine for over two decades and is an expert in orofacial pain, giving him a great deal of knowledge and perspective in dealing with the pain associated with unconscious tooth grinding. At our dental center in West Covina, CA, we can create a specially designed night guard that can bring you much-needed relief while limiting your chances of suffering from the painful and potentially serious complications relating to bruxism.

How Sleep Bruxism Can Damage Your Teeth Over Time

Unchecked teeth grinding or clenching can wreak havoc over time. While the exact cause of sleep bruxism is not definitively understood, it is believed that prolonged stress and genetic factors play roles in its development. For the average patient, bruxism is known to cause all the following if untreated:

  • Worn down enamel
  • Chronic tooth pain and sensitivity, as well as chronic pain in the face, jaw, and neck area
  • Chipped, broken, or shifted teeth
  • Impeded ability to fully close your jaw
  • Damage in the interior lining of your cheeks
  • Disrupted sleep, for yourself and/or your partner
  • Chronic earaches and headaches, usually stemming from your temples

If you believe you suffer from sleep bruxism, we offer night guards specially crafted to immobilize your jaw during sleep, thus preventing the grinding and clenching motions known to cause pain and injury.

Fighting Bruxism

The good news is that diagnosing bruxism is typically not a lengthy process as the signs tend to be easy to spot, but the better news is that we can create a night guard that fits your teeth either the same day or on your next visit. The process is simple: Dr. Salek and our staff will examine your teeth before creating a mold that can be used to produce your night guard. Producing the night guard itself is just as easy and usually does not take very much time at all.

Once the device is made, we will make sure that it fits as perfectly as possible and carries out its intended function of preventing pain and protecting teeth. Most patients report that their symptoms evaporate not long after they begin wearing their night guards. However, it is important to remember that night guard use should remain routine, as symptoms can quickly return and lost tooth enamel never returns!

Why A-Z Dental Care

As a leading dentist in West Covina, Dr. Salek takes pride in providing the highest level of dental services for all of his patients. If you are experiencing chronic jaw pain, tooth pain, or sensitivity to cold or heat, you may be suffering from the effects of bruxism. With a uniquely molded night guard, you will likely find the relief you seek.

Those who already show permanent signs of damage from bruxism are also in luck. Broken or chipped teeth, worn enamel, and chronic orofacial pain all have effective treatments available from Dr. Salek and our team. For more information on night guards from A-Z Dental Care, visit our appointment page or call the number on your screen.