There are lot of reasons for feeling pain on the head and neck area, however we usually blame our teeth. It is a fact that teeth can cause pain on those areas, but other things such as headaches, sinusitis,and chronic pain, make us confuse, and can take us to a dental offices.
In these circumstances, misdiagnosis is highly possible. A lot of people have experience with going from this dental office to another one for finding a solution for their problems. These patients can be offered of different options, like extraction, root canal, and taking antibiotic, which never ever can be helpful. Neuropathy, neurolgia, sinusitis, myofscial pain, midfacial migraine, and other kinds of headaches, which can cause tooth ache, cannot be treated by regular dental treatment.
In A-Z Dental Care, Dr. Salek, is enough expert for diagnosis true tooth ache, and differentiate by other possible pain on the head and neck area, which has different causation for pain, because he is graduated from a two-year Orofacial Pain. Dr. Salek has high skill in general dentistry, and enough knowledge for treating chronic pain.
If you have pain with unknown source in the head and neck, and you have visited different dental offices, without curing your pain, please call A-Z Dental Care, on 626-966-8408 to schedule your appointment.