Almost 50 to 60 percent of people have partner which snores, and 28% people have sleep apnea. “Sleep Apnea” can cause high risk problem, such as high blood pressure, and even heart attack. Some of the mouth appliances, can help these kinds of patients, after sleep studies, by study labs, and patients’ medical doctors.
At A-Z Dental Care, Dr. Salek can help you take care of snoring and sleep apnea, with making useful mouth appliances. Dr. Salek had the chance, to visit many patients with sleep problems, under supervision of Dr. Clark, who is the most expert doctors in the USA. This opportunity helped Dr. Salek, to treat sleep apnea, or snoring with high self-confidence.
If you have sleep problem, please call A-Z Dental Care, on (626)-966-8408, and set an appointment.