Dental Implants in West Covina Restore Lost Tooth Function

If you need dental implants in West Covina, A-Z Dental Care offers premier patient care and excellent dental services. A dental implant is a prosthetic used to replicate the original form and function of a natural tooth that is either missing or needs to be extracted. Once an implant has been placed, it can be very difficult to distinguish from your regular teeth. Patients in need of dental implants will find that the process can be lengthy, but is well worth the wait.

Why Dental Implants

Dental implants offer a few key advantages over other prosthetics like traditional dental bridges and dentures. For one, once an implant has been installed there is virtually no risk for it to slip out of place and unless the implant is severely damaged, it’s essentially permanent.

However, the biggest advantage involves fighting against bone loss. Natural teeth spur bone tissue production in the underlying jaw structure but this production ceases when a tooth is removed or missing. Over time, this can lead to severe shrinking in the jaw causing disfigurement. Unlike bridgework and dentures, dental implants mimic the same stimulus that natural teeth place on bone tissue, thus avoiding bone loss at the site of the implant.

Of course, traditional dentures and bridges are still effective methods of restoring tooth function and can always serve as a placeholder for a dental implant. If you are unsure of which option is best for you, Dr. Salek and our professional dental staff are happy to discuss all your available choices.

Choose A-Z Dental Care

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