A Root Canal in West Covina from a Dentist with Decades of Experience

Undergoing a root canal in West Covina may seem like an intimidating prospect, but the reality is that root canals have developed a rather exaggerated reputation. Dr. Mirhamid Salek, the founder of A-Z Dental Care has performed this routine procedure countless times, giving each patient as comfortable an experience as possible.

What is a Root Canal and Why is it Necessary?

A root canal is a routine dental procedure used to salvage a tooth from decay and to prevent the spread of further infection. During the procedure, the damaged pulp—the soft tissue inside of the tooth—and nerve of the tooth are extracted and replaced with a filler substance. The procedure itself is only minimally painful if performed correctly and can eliminate tooth pain and sensitivity in the site thereafter.

If patients allow the pain and sensitivity that usually calls for a root canal procedure to persist unchecked, the problem can easily worsen over time. Our oral health is directly tied to other areas of our body and severe infection can easily spread from the oral cavity to other, more critical areas. By treating the infection early and decisively, a root canal can save quite a lot of pain, time, and money in the future.

A-Z Dental Care

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