Implants in West Covina Courtesy of A-Z Dental Care

A-Z Dental Care offers implants in West Covina that can deal with lost function and oral health, not to mention smiles. There are several different forms of implants, each filling their own niche role; so patients will be happy to know that they can get implants regardless of whether they are having trouble with a single tooth, several adjacent teeth, or an entire row of teeth. While the process of obtaining implants may be lengthy in some cases, especially if preparatory work is required, Dr. Salek has built up a consistent track record of success on behalf of his patients.

Our dental implants in West Covina include implant-based crowns and bridges as well as dentures. Implant based crowns cover a single missing tooth while bridges cover several teeth in succession. Implant-based dentures, on the other hand, are intended to replace entire sets of teeth, usually due to severe decay, trauma, or illness.

The initial process is the same for all three options. A thorough exam is required to understand the extent of damage in a patient’s mouth. If a tooth is determined to be too far gone to salvage, extractions may be needed to ensure oral health. Moreover, if the jawline is determined to be too weak, it may be necessary to graft bone tissue to shore up the underlying bone structure. Once it is determined to be safe, we will confer with you to set up a plan for installing implants – this usually requires several visits in order to avoid causing too much trauma to the surgical sites. With a little patience on part of the patient and a lot of skill on part of Dr. Salek, the implants can be installed and the patient can enjoy a fully restored set of teeth.

Prospective patients that are looking for more information on A-Z Dental Care or dental implants can call our office via the phone number on this page.