Implants in West Covina for a Happy and Healthy Life

A-Z Dental Care provides dental implants in West Covina that effectively restore the look and feel of natural teeth using highly durable prosthetics and state of the art technology and procedures.

Losing a tooth, perhaps from an injury, illness, infection, or advanced tooth decay can be a source of embarrassment that affects many different areas of our lives. However, a damaged smile can sometimes become the least of your worries, as empty pockets in the gum line (where your tooth once was) are typically breeding grounds for bacteria that lead to a multitude of other complications, some of which can be severe and have grim implications for a person’s overall health. Dental implants can fill these gaps, though, creating an effective seal against contaminants, preventing continued bone loss, and restoring your bright and happy smile.

The Dental Implant Process

An initial consultation can create a game plan for your implant while the first examination can determine if the underlying bone structure can support it. Should the bone structure be too thin, bone grafting procedures can often shore up the support base for your future implant. Once the site is ready for installation, the implant is placed into the jawbone and a temporary crown is usually installed first to ensure proper placement. A follow-up appointment will determine if the area is finally ready for the prosthetic; if so, the final piece of the implant will be installed over the implant portion and the overall procedure will be completed. Further checkups are necessary to make sure that there are no negative developments, but most implants do not require additional work beyond ordinary good dental hygiene.

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