Missing Multiple Teeth? Dental Implants Can Help

The best dental implants come from an outstanding dentist and they are a permanent solution for missing or extracted teeth. Dental implants pay back a patient’s investment of time with a complete replacement for natural teeth that look and act just like the natural teeth; they are an exciting prospect for those who may require one or more extractions or already missing multiple teeth.

What Sets Dental Implants Apart From Other Teeth Replacement Options?

Dental implants are more robust than traditional dental bridges and remove the inconveniences associated with ordinary dentures including slippage and the need to remove them while cleaning – patients care for them in exactly the same way they should care for natural teeth. While these dentures and bridgework certainly offer many benefits, such as restoring lost function and limiting oral health problems, dental implants are nearly indistinguishable from organic teeth in terms of both appearance and function, and their health benefits are much more pronounced.

For example, natural teeth stimulate underlying bone structures to encourage healthy growth and function. When natural teeth are lost, that stimulation stops, possibly leading to bone loss in the jaw and the possibility of malformation as time passes. Dental implants largely recreate this stimulation.

How Can Dental Implants Replace Multiple Teeth?

There are several ways dental implants can replace multiple missing teeth.

In some cases, it may be a good idea to replace each natural tooth with a single implant. Alternatively, implant-based bridgework or implant-based dentures that replace sections or entire rows of teeth can be emplaced to save time and reduce the number of implants.

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Payment plans and other finance options are available so virtually all patients can enjoy the benefits of dental implants.