Can you put a crown on a tooth without a root canal?

Crowns have three main roles in dental practice:

First, the crown is a good protection for a tooth that has been severely damaged and is on the verge of breaking, regardless of whether the tooth has received a root canal or not. Protecting the integrity of a tooth after RCT is a must, otherwise, it can easily break. A tooth with deep or large decay is prone to breakage if not protected by a crown. In these cases, there is no other option than doing crown for the tooth, just for protection and prevention of breakage.

Secondly, teeth can get a crown as an abutment for making bridges, and replacing missing teeth. In this case the tooth may or may not need RCT.

Thirdly, the crowning of a tooth may be considered for cosmetic reasons. Again, in this case crowning can be done without doing root canal depending on the tooth condition.

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