A healthy smile is a thing of beauty and important for your overall health as well. Unfortunately, finding affordable dentistry can be a challenge, especially when a visit requires more than a simple dental exam and cleaning. At A-Z Dental Care, we work hard to make sure our costs are reasonable without sacrificing the type of quality care our patients know and love.

Of course, part of offering exceptional dental care is ensuring our patients always feel welcome, comfortable, and as content as can be. Our friendly and welcoming team will make sure you feel right at home every time you walk through our doors!

What We Offer

Along with standard oral cleanings, we provide a variety of dental procedures at an affordable cost. These include:

  • General dental treatment, including exams, cleanings, fillings, and more
  • Endodontic treatment such as root canals
  • Dental prosthetics like implants, crowns, and dentures
  • Treatment for chronic orofacial pain and sleep apnea-related dental issues
  • Surgical extractions
  • Invisalign aligners

For all our services, we offer free consultations as well as payment plans for patients without dental insurance.

About A-Z Dental Care

As leaders in West Covina dentistry, we have has proudly served patients from throughout the San Gabriel valley. Our outstanding dentist, Dr. Mirhamid Salek offers a diligent, patient-focused approach that has forged lasting relationships within the community.

Visit our appointments page or call us at the number on your screen to learn more about how we can provide you with the best oral care without breaking the bank!