Challenging Case: Radiopaque Jaw Lesions

42 years old Hispanic male, presented to the office, with severe pain on his lower right side of the face, with difficult swallowing his saliva. Patient was complaining in regards to his head and neck movement. Patient was concerned for tooth abscess. Patient had gotten new crown on #31, coincidentally.
Based on clinical exam, enlargement of submandibular salivary gland, tenderness, salivary flow reduction in milking, purulent discharging, hard consistency in palpation, and mobility, were remarkable.
On CBCT, radio opaque lesion was verified, in size of 11mmX10mm at the same area, as you can see in theses pictures. Patient was asked for any history, of the similar problem in the past. He stated that two years ago he had same problem, and by drinking a lot of water, massage, and using something for increasing the saliva flow, a stone in the rice size came off.
Patient was referred to head and neck surgeon, and advised to take antibiotic, and NSAID.