Dentistry in West Covina for You and Your Family

When it comes to dentistry in West Covina, A-Z Dental Care promises two things for its patients: affordable treatments and comfortable, smooth, and efficient visits. The dental clinic offers many of the services that patients might expect to find in a clean and modern office, including dental implants, oral medicine, and treatments for orofacial pain, root canals, fillings and cleanings, dentures, surgical extractions, and complex dental treatments for serious concerns. Patients in need of a dentist in West Covina should look no further than A-Z Dental Care.

A-Z Dental Care’s Dr. Mirhamid Salek has been an expert in the dental profession for over 25 years. With decades of experience comes a commitment to patient wellbeing, and Dr. Salek has won numerous awards for his skillful and committed approach to dentistry. Working alongside Dr. Salek, our team of experienced and caring dental professionals and friendly staff are here to make sure that appointments are both pleasant and productive. We also employ some of the most advanced dental technology available, ensuring that its patients are benefiting from the latest advances and receiving the best treatment options.

As mentioned before, patients can visit A-Z Dental Care for many of their dental needs. This ranges from routine care and cleanings all the way to complicated surgical extractions to implants. Patients can find treatments for toothaches or to straighten out their teeth inconspicuously with the help of Invisalign braces. Dr. Salek is also happy to educate patients on the benefits of good dental hygiene and how it can affect other areas of one’s health.

For more information on A-Z Dental Care and Dr. Salek, simply call the number at the top of the page. You can also get started by making an online appointment.