Dental Implants May Limit Bone Loss Caused by Missing Teeth

When it comes to dental implants, experts agree that they are the best choice for replacing lost or extracted teeth. They offer many benefits in terms of convenience and appearance, but they are also even more important in terms of preventing bone loss.

Ordinarily, the motion of chewing stimulates tissue generation in the jawbone. If a tooth is lost or extracted, that stimulation stops. Over time, this can lead to a thinner and weaker jawbone that’s more vulnerable to breaking and other complications.

Unfortunately, dental prosthetics such as traditional bridges or dentures do little to replicate the natural stimulation that real teeth provide to the jawbone. However, dental implants do. They function in virtually the same way as natural teeth—and they’re especially hard for most people to spot.

Is Bone Loss Really That Likely if I Lose a Tooth?

Absolutely. While the process is generally slow, tissue degradation in the jawbone can begin within weeks to months of losing a tooth. Severe and permanent damage typically does not occur immediately but does become increasingly more likely over time.

For this reason, it’s exceedingly important that patients seek out prompt dental assistance anytime they lose a tooth (or anytime they experience oral discomfort, for that matter). An experienced dentist will be able to evaluate oral ailments, establish their severity, determine how quickly they could worsen, and make a treatment plan.

What Are the Consequences of Bone Loss in the Jaw?

Aside from a weakened jawbone, bone loss in this region can also cause malformation and shrinking. In turn, this can lead to severe pain, additional tooth breaks or loss, and a misaligned bite (which can impact speech, eating, and drinking).

Dental Implants in West Covina

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