An Affordable Dentist Offering Premium Dental Services

An affordable dentist committed to providing outstanding care is a must for everyone. At A-Z Dental Care, we offer premier dental services without inflated prices. Our passion is making high end care accessible to individuals and families from all walks of life.

Our patient-centered brand of West Covina dentistry offers a wide variety of dental services, including the following:

  • General Dentistry – The backbone of almost any dental office, general dentistry simply aims to prevent issues before they occur or treat mild ailments using a range of treatments including examinations, fillings, and other essential preventive care.
  • Invisalign – Unlike traditional braces that use cumbersome metal hardware to correctly position teeth, Invisalign uses clear plastic aligners to fulfill the same job but in a less conspicuous way that adults and teens will appreciate.
  • Oral Pain – Mirhamid Salek is a specialist in diagnosing and treating orofacial pain. If you’re experiencing chronic pain, sleep apnea, or TMJ-related ailments, Dr. Salek may be able to provide the relief you’re seeking.
  • Dental Implants – Replacing missing or extracted teeth is very important as the consequences of these gaps can be severe. Dental implants can restore lost function and improve the look of your smile.

A-Z Dental Care offers more services in addition to those mentioned here, but for a complete list we recommend that you schedule a consultation so we can determine how we can best accommodate your needs.

Contacting A-Z Dental Care

At A-Z Dental Care, we aim to offer top-notch dentistry at affordable rates. For more information, call the number on your screen and speak to a friendly member of our team.