A Dental Clinic in West Covina Prioritizing Comfort

Finding a quality dental clinic is essential for achieving and maintaining the healthiest teeth and gums. At A-Z Dental Care, we pride ourselves on being able to provide virtually all the common dental services our patients require at an affordable rate without compromising their comfort—after all, it’s in our name, Affordable Care–Comfort Zone.

So, if you’re looking for the best dental office in West Covina, why not give our clinic a shot?

Pain-Free Dentistry in West Covina

For dentistry in West Covina that’s as gentle as can be, A-Z Dental Care is the way to go!

Our founder, Dr. Mirhamid Salek DDS boasts decades of experience in dentistry and treating orofacial pain. In fact, Dr. Salek is even a diplomat of the American Orofacial Pain Board. Naturally, if you’re suffering from pain in your teeth, gums, or jaw, you couldn’t be in better hands than Dr. Salek’s.

Dr. Salek routinely treats oral pain as it relates to both TMJ disorders as well as pain with unknown origins. If you’re in pain, Dr. Salek can help.

A Dental Clinic for All Your General Dentistry Needs

In addition to offering pain-related treatments, A-Z Dental Care offers a variety of dental services you might expect from a general dental clinic. Whether you need a regular dental exam or a root canal, our clinic is here to help!

For more information on all our services or to visit our dental clinic today, simply visit our Appointments page or call the number on your screen.